Latest News

Updated information on giveaways.

Due to recent finance issues I had to delay the the giveaway until next year. To make up for this I will be giving away an EVGA 980 Ti instead of the SC. Hope you guys can understand!

New Site!

Thanks to taintedgamer4k and a lot of hard work we finally got a bit of an update to the site with alot more function! Hope you guys enjoy!

Counter-Strike : GO R8 Update!

Battlefront Jakku – CS:GO Mash up!


Want to see how you compare with everyone else? Head over to our stats page to learn more! Wondering if our servers are up and operating properly? Check this link out!

About WDF

The WhenDarknessFalls Gaming Network was founded back in 2004 with a vision to provide a friendly, competitive place where all people could play.

Over the years we've enjoyed having #1 ranked servers in some of the world's most popular games.

The community originally started in Natural Selection. With the introduction of Half-Life 2 & Counter-Strike: Source, we took it another level and created the very first working reserved slot/administration system for the game.

We then expanded from Source games and entered the Battlefield Series by hosting a 64 player BF2 server. To date we have 2 Battlefield 4 servers! Both ranked in the top 10 in the world!