Next Battlefield Title.

Rumors have it that EA/DICE have decided to make the next Battlefield game based on the World War 2 era.

More info below.

Battlefield 4 Server Updates & MORE!

Thanks to ColColonCleaner we’ve had A LOT of updates to our servers.

We can now do random events! Up to 10 rounds all 100% random in nature from pistols only to hardcore to rush! Be sure to keep an eye on the servers to learn when the next event is!

Lots of bug fixes when it comes to loadout checks to properly find the people using invalid items and punishing them.
Lastly, Discord integration! We have finally made the move to 100% Discord and shut the Teamspeak down.
Discord has seen a huge jump in players and I can safely say we average about 80-90 unique Discord players a night!

It’s also a means for the administrators and myself to have more communication as to what’s going on. We have been able to get rid of hackers and fix other issues in a more timely fashion compared to when we used nothing but Teamspeak.

And lastly, I’ll be getting a Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam server! This is the sequel to the 2013 multiplayer FPS of the year. The reviews are good and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on our server!

Battlefield 1 Servers!

This is subject to change!

No Explosives!
Pistols Only!

Battlefield 1 6 Shots! 6 Dead!

While on our 24×7 Rush SUEZ / AMIENS / FOREST server I managed to pull off 6 shots and killing 6 people!! Sn1p3rStryf3 ?!

WDF ML / MG Battlefield 1 SERVERS!

This is how you find us! Search by the name!

WDF Gaming Battlefield 1 Servers.

As soon as I’m able to actually rent servers I’ll be renting 2 maybe 3 total. I look forward to having you guys enjoy some no explosives, pistols only, NO GASHOLES. etc. :)

Battlefield 1 Servers? Or ?

I’m sure most of you know by now that DICE/EA have been radio silent in regards to server rentals. I want everyone that enjoys our servers to go onto their forums and express your concerns about the fact we don’t know if we can even rent servers for the community! Maybe if we rattle enough cages and make enough noise we can finally get some answers.

Thank you!

Battlefield 1 – Are the tanks OP?

Battlefield 1 Server Browser Guide

All pistols weeked on the Operation Locker server!

This weekend 9/2-9/5 to celebrate the holiday weekend we’re doing ALL PISTOLS ALLOWED! Have fun with your fully automatic glock 18!

Click here to join!

Battlefield 1 EPIC shots!

Battlefield 5 Release Date

Straight from the Google machine!

Battlefield 5
Video game
Initial release date: November 23, 2016

About WDF

The WhenDarknessFalls Gaming Network was founded back in 2004 with a vision to provide a friendly, competitive place where all people could play.

Over the years we've enjoyed having #1 ranked servers in some of the world's most popular games.

The community originally started in Natural Selection. With the introduction of Half-Life 2 & Counter-Strike: Source, we took it another level and created the very first working reserved slot/administration system for the game.

We then expanded from Source games and entered the Battlefield Series by hosting a 64 player BF2 server. To date we have 2 Battlefield 4 servers! Both ranked in the top 10 in the world!