What’s going on?

Is EA losing it’s appeal to the FPS PC gaming community?

This could be a fluke or me over analyzing things but, I’m sure most of you have noticed that the last 2 major FPS from EA/DICE/Visceral have provided less than stellar results. We’ll first start off with Battlefield Hardline. The beta was very well received millions of players took part and for the most part enjoyed the game. Shortly after the launch the problems started to appear. The TTK being the main thing that kept me from wanting to play the game. The second thing being the lack of weapons in comparison to other Battlefield titles. In all honesty this game should of been a DLC expansion for the original Battlefield 4 title. Not a full blown $100+ title that doesn’t even look near as good as Battlefield 4. As of today there is just a handful of people left playing the game and not all of the DLCs have been released. It’s the first time I’ve seen a FPS game 2 weeks after launch fail to keep a server full.

The second game that I’m referring to is Star Wars Battlefront. The most marketed franchise I’ve ever seen in recent history. This game broke records in beta downloads but, again, it’s not living up to the hype on the PC community. The lack of a server browser is the biggest thing I see that is the fault for the PC community. Don’t get me wrong though, the stability of this game compared to other DICE releases is amazing! The game looks great, it plays well and feels balanced. But at the same time it’s lacking A LOT. For a major title that spent years in the making I was expecting more. But instead we have 4 maps for each mode and 11 total guns. 11. total. guns. But, never fear DICE is here to save the day with a magical DLC that will fix all those problems. Wrong. While Battle of Jakku looks great and the Turning Point game mode is fun, it gets boring on one map fast. DICE again failed to deliver on a DLC that we hoped would turn our point of view of the game around. I was at first thinking when I heard Battle of Jakku would be one map and new game mode that it was a troll. This game could of been amazing may still but it needs A LOT more content and an actual server browser to make it’s appeal to the PC community again. But considering the fact that Euro Truck Simulator 2 has more players than Battlefront it’s safe to say this game is done on PC unless something MAJOR changes in the near future.

Thankfully, DICE LA has saved the Battlefield 4 game and we still have something enjoyable to play.

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